Monday, January 12, 2009

the Move is on

I think by now we've talked to all the family and friends who regularly view this blog, if not, then my apologies for breaking the news to you this way. Terri and I are moving forward on our plan to move to Kansas City this spring/summer. We are excited to get our girls closer to their extended family, and hopefully be able to spend much more time visiting with our parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and everyone else we have been so separated from these past 10 years. it's been great living in California--very great--but i guess it's time to call an end to this 10 year adventure and return home. so while Terri and I are both quite sad about leaving our wonderful friends behind, we're also really excited to get back near our families.

with that, i will occasionally be using the blog to put out status updates on how the move is coming. there's a lot to do--finish remodeling the master bathroom in our house, sell our home, move, and then there's that little thing where i have to find another job. but job or not, we're moving once the house sells.

right now the focus is on finishing up all the remaining home projects--esp the bathroom--and get the home ready for the market by March. other than that, we're trying to pack up a couple boxes a day, and we'll be putting stuff into a POD here soon to clear out clutter and make the home more presentable to potential buyers.

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