Monday, November 30, 2009

....and it's on! more lights to come!

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guess addie is losing her photogenic status. it was hard to get her to look at me for a photo. good news: inara is starting to ham it up for us!

addie picked/dressed herself in this outfit this morning. the funniest: she has on two jackets!

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so sweet....

addie made us breakfast on sunday morning, as a surprise before we woke up! here's a photo of her efforts:
dry cereal in bowls (kid bowls of course) and a nutri-grain bar. she also grave us spoons. too cute! she did not, however, decide to make anything for her baby sister!!!!
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

this is too funny....she is straining to lift the toy medical kit!

she got it!

what do you think, that i am going to smile on command? not so much....

take that, daddy! i will slay you with my light saber....then fix you up with my medical kit afterwards! hilarious!

inara was on fire tonight! crackin' me up!

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tonight - too cute

addie and daddy reading during breathing treatment


soul mates.
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our thanksgiving guests - zoey and tucker the labradoodles!

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