Wednesday, July 21, 2010

addie wants to be a surfer!

so, addie really enjoys watching this "Barbie in a Mermaid Tale" movie.......she wants to watch it ALL THE TIME! today she asked what she could 'surf' on, so we pulled out a beach towel and blanket, and made our own! Addie and Inara surfed to the movie today!


here, addie is grabbing the surfboard, much like a skateboarder or snowboarder does in the air! awesome!

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everything's blooming (including personalities!)

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and more gardening.....


more tomatoes

yellow rose bush (for you momma jo!)

beautiful blooms in the courtyard
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more gardening



roma tomatoes
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digging for potatoes

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at the carousel in berkeley.....inara passed out!

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on the steam train in berkeley with leigh and cami (day before sickness for addie/terri/jp, day after for inara)

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Inara's equivalent to Addie's red chair. She only doesn't look happy because it was one of our sick days! Thanks Grandma Jo!

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