Monday, September 28, 2009

a cute trio of pix, inara and paris (hugging and looking out window).

some sweet pix!

addie would only take a pic if she could "pose with a pillow". i have no idea what that means!
addie trying to hide from me taking her photograph

inara and the dogs looking out the hotel window

proud inara, who got the remote!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

girls today

new house pix!

went by the new house today to water our plants outside (in the drastic heat). here are some photos for you......some of the previous owner's stuff is still in

addie up in the playroom loft (playroom is the 3rd car garage)

more playroom - window goes out front into the courtyard

more playroom

entry to playroom from garage

front courtyard

front courtyard; just outside front door

living room

side yard

backyard, on way to side yard; just outside master bedroom

sorry for the bad pic....outside on patio of master bedroom, looking toward the other side/back of the backyard

back patios of master bedroom

master bath

master bath

master bedroom

entry to master bedroom

entry to master bedroom

guest bedroom

guest bedroom

laundry room - on route to garage

guest bath

girls' room

girls' room

entry to hall bath/girls' room on way to laundry garage

front doors

living room

sorry again for bad photo - dining room

backyard (other side of house) looking from kitchen

same as above

same as above


Monday, September 21, 2009

more pics from hotel living the past week!

maybe the free breakfasts are helping inara put on a few lbs! her arms look pretty chunky here!

girls walking around while daddy grills

bbq'ing at the hotel...master griller, jp

pulliam girls

dogs chillin'

the girls fell asleep while on a walk along the iron horse trail. notice how creepy it is that addie's eyes are part open. i tried to close them (like they do with dead people in the movies) and they wouldn't shut all the way, no matter how hard i tried!