Tuesday, September 27, 2005

get to see grandma and grandpa tomorrow!!!!

addie gets to meet grandma and grandpa pulliam for the first time tomorrow! can't wait to see their reactions to her! we got a visit from AJ and Amanda this past weekend - - ignore me in my pj's and sweats......the rest is addie at her finest and her multiplying expressions. more pix to come with the grandparent visit!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

addie lynn pics

well, we have all recovered from my absence last week, although i don't think my homecoming mattered all that much to addie! she loved being with her father--as the previous pics show! i got some good pix of her this week - she talks up a storm and loves to smile back at you!

Friday, September 16, 2005


esterday went great--addie was definatley on her best behavior. my buddy Jon came by and hung out with us for the afternoon. we jammed a bit and kept addie company.

addie and i continued our sci-fi evenings with some start trek DS9 and then terminiator 3.

terri arrives home this evening. we're ready for her to get home, but i'll kind of miss having addie all to myself. last night she started vocalizing quite a bit, it was a riot.

but anyway, here are some pics from yesterday.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

another sleeping pic

this one is too cute not to post also.


last night wasn't too bad, she woke me up once to eat, and then we snoozed until almost 10 am. i didn't realize terri had is so easy...this is the life!

addie's had a pretty good day today. band practice is tonight, and ally has offerred to watch her while the guys jam, hopefully she will behave herself (addie not ally).

see how sweetly addie is sleeping in the next pictures? that's because she just vomited cottage cheese all over herself and me. just look how satisfied with herself she is! don't worry--i'm not feeding my baby cottage cheese--it was breast milk when it went down.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


i'm not very good with the spit-up. terri can spot that stuff on addie at 20 feet. me...i obviously find it far after the deed has been done. it was in her hair and her ear, and on her clothes. it was also all over the front of my shirt and on my guitar strap.


addie and i dropped terri off at the BART station at 6 AM this morning--terri is out-of-town until friday night at a work-related conference. that means addie and i are roughing it together for the next couple days...what i like to call 4 days of man vs. baby.

so far...so good. a little crying today, but mostly she's been pretty good. we went for a walk with dude and bella, and then watched an original star trek (mudd's women) this afternoon. tonight we start the matrix trilogy.

here are some pics from today-

Thursday, September 08, 2005

another day, more smiles!

well, as you will be able to see - addie likes to nap on her tummy! she slept that way for more than 2 hours! i couldn't get much done though, as when she's on her tummy, i am there 100% of the time to monitor her.

then dude decided he wanted to sleep in the boppy, which had moved from the sofa to the activity gym so addie could sit up a bit more and play with her new keyboard thingy. dude is just too funny! he slept there for awhile that night.

and today, addie was having tummy time and decided to show us how far she can hold/push herself up. she holds her head up so well...something many of our friends with children comment on - stating that she does really well for being so young! i had her smiling at a ladybug toy (or maybe my voice..who knows?) while she pushed up and looked at it! more to come later!

Monday, September 05, 2005

doug's visit

doug was here this past labor day weekend. he and i spent a couple days in the mountains checking out the donner lake/lake tahoe area, and partaking in bachelor party past times.

here are the latest pics of addie! enjoy...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

addie is growing so fast!

can't believe it, but addie continues to grow daily! you can tell she is 'chunking' up - her cheeks, arms, and legs are getting thicker and the rolls in her thighs and arms are too cute! the pix aren't the greatest, but it was all i had to work with!
talk to you all soon..............