Friday, June 25, 2010

Addie's and JP's backpacking trip

Addie and I went for a 1 night backpacking trip to Coast Camp in Point Reyes--her first backpacking trip. The hike in, 2.8 miles, was a bit much on Addie, even thou she did more than that in Yosemite. but once we got there, she fell in love with the beach, so much that she was near tears the next morning when we had to leave.

Addie and I agreed that our favorite part of the trip was breakfast on the beach. We shared coffee and biscoti, and dehydrated eggs and bacon. Addie took her coffee black.

Next morning

the hike back to the car, looking back at our beach

Thursday, June 17, 2010

late night movie watching....

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inara playing around while addie sleeps

our houseguest, toby!

addie took a 3 hour nap (from 6pm-8pm) after a long day playing in water.....
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

kids playing today

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workin' on the weekend.....3

LOOK! no more dead tree, and you can finally see the oak back there.....hopefully a few more crappy trees to fall before the summer's end!

inara playing in addie's play shoes!

voles-0, JP-4..........just another vole from the hole. i like how his final resting place is with the creepy frog and trippy mushroom!

first potato harvest of the season. sorry, i haven't cleaned the oven.
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

workin' on the weekend.....2

inara kissing her stuffed animals

addie being pretty

daddy clearing out more tree debris

inara throwing a tantrum!
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workin' on the weekend.....1

the view looks so much nicer......(although we're probably the only ones who can tell!)

giggly inara on the floor

daddy, addie, and the new power tool.

dude sunbathing inside.....
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