Monday, May 24, 2010

Yosemite, day 2 (post 2)

more pictures from our hike up the falls. a couple shots from the mist trail as we climbed up Vernal falls.

the next pictures are from the top of the falls looking back down.

looking back down at the mist trail as it winds its way up Vernal falls.

Yosemite, day 2 (post 1)

on day 2, after waking up and eating a quick breakfast, we departed for the main hike of our trip: an 8 mile loop up Vernal falls and Nevada falls via the mist trail, then back down the John Muir trail, a total elevation gain of about 2000 ft. Terri carried Inara the entire way on her back, and I ended up carrying Addie up the steepest part of the mist trail at Vernal falls, but otherwise Addie hiked most of the way up herself. the falls were amazing, hiking up Vernal falls was like hiking inside a rain storm--the rain and mist and driving wind around the falls was wild. the trail was basically steps carved out of rock (680 total steps as one of the kids coming down informed us). carrying Addie up on my back was tough, and if a good samaritan hadn't loaned me one of his hiking poles, i'm not sure how i would have made it, given the steep, wet, slippery steps. but we did make it, and the girls had a blast.

starting out on the trail

Addie overlooking the Merced River

looking back across the valley at upper yosemite falls

Addie wanted her picture by this spring.

Addie climbed this rock and wanted her picture.

a shaky video looking up at Vernal falls from the bridge

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yosemite, day 1

after getting to Yosemite and setting up camp, we ventured over to lower yosemite falls, which proceeded to soak us all.

the falls ran through the woods, creating a bunch of mini-creeks around us. we thought this was pretty cool.

the falls was like standing in a driving rain storm...we got pretty cold.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HATE/LOVE relationship

addie angry at inara for knocking down her masterpiece......
(we are working on addie's screaming rage towards her baby sister)

inara still thinks it's funny after addie rebuilds......

what a day!
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inara: future athlete or stunt woman!

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addie: future model and engineer!

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soft and cuddly things

this squirrel was sunbathing. before i got the photo, it's head was laying down flat too. the dogs scared awake. =(

bella and paris snoozing.

dude wondering when inara will quit pestering him!
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trying hard to get a pic of them together....they thought this was funny!

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