Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Addie's First Barrette

i know, i know....this is the result of having a daughter and not a son! i was able to put in a barrette (barely) into addie's longest strands of hair! the pix aren't that great, but it was all i could get before she got fussy or rolled around enough to knock it out! looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Chavez wine club - 2

back at their house, we crushed the merlot grapes and put the pinot noir and petite sirah--which had finished fermenting--thru a press. it's exciting to watch the color and taste of the wine change as it is pressed. after pressing, the wine went into barrels.

terri, addie, dude, and bella joined us for the afternoon activities. the dogs enjoyed chaising chickens around the yard, checking out the goats, and developing a taste for grape skins, which they ate all afternoon (they prefer the petite sirah skins to the pinot noir).

Chavez wine club - 1

i woke up early yesterday and drove to napa to join our friends Leigh and Dave and some of the other members of their wine club. they are in the ever-continuning process of making wine, and the club members are expected to help out by picking, crushing, pressing, etc. so today started out with picking merlot in calistoga(napa valley). it was a beautiful morning...and you can see how full the grapes were. after just under 2 hours of picking, we drove the grapes back to their house for crushing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Roly Poly Addie

I am completely amazed at how fast Addie is growing! Some cute pix of her, plus one of us hiking in the new trail area around our town.....Ahhh! See some of you guys VERY soon! We can't wait!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

grape crush

today terri, addie, and i went out to our friends leigh and dave's place in napa. dave has what can only be called an obsessive passion with making wine. soon after we arrived at their house/farm, he returned with 2200 pounds of syrah grapes, which we all proceeded to crush. crushing grapes is definately fun, but it's hard work...not to mention sticky.

addie also had her first experience with goats (they have 3 of them) and chickens (they have too many to count!).

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


some updated photos of all of us at the beginning of october! i can't believe it's already october and addie is growing too fast! looking forward to our visit to the midwest in a month!