Thursday, September 08, 2005

another day, more smiles!

well, as you will be able to see - addie likes to nap on her tummy! she slept that way for more than 2 hours! i couldn't get much done though, as when she's on her tummy, i am there 100% of the time to monitor her.

then dude decided he wanted to sleep in the boppy, which had moved from the sofa to the activity gym so addie could sit up a bit more and play with her new keyboard thingy. dude is just too funny! he slept there for awhile that night.

and today, addie was having tummy time and decided to show us how far she can hold/push herself up. she holds her head up so well...something many of our friends with children comment on - stating that she does really well for being so young! i had her smiling at a ladybug toy (or maybe my voice..who knows?) while she pushed up and looked at it! more to come later!

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