Wednesday, January 28, 2009

addie and inara

addie just before school....note: she picked her own hairstyle AND hair accessories today!

inara sleeping on mommy. note: check out that drool in the baby bjorn! i just turned her around since she fell asleep facing outward!

now check out the drool on my red sweatshirt! it never ends......i sure hope some teeth pop thru soon!

i can't say enough about this photo. not only is she adorable, but check out those baggy pants and boy undies! i love it!
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The Shane's said...

your girls are awesome! i absolutely love the last picture of addie and her boy undies. i am thinking of going to buy some mickey mouse undies for emma so she'll potty train. mickie mouse undies only come in boy styles. now i know i can! lol!