Sunday, June 29, 2008

update on the home project

here's the latest on the home project:

the framing and electrical work for the wall and hallway extension is complete, and i've started sheetrocking the new room and the hallway. i still need to wire in some lights in our bedroom, and also need to pull power into the master bathroom before i sheetrock our bedroom side of the new walls. in the hallway, i added a four-way switch to the existing 3-way lights and also added a third hall light at the new end of the hall.

as you'll also notice i need to finish cutting out some of the existing sheetrock around the new windows, block it out, and then put up new sheetrock.

new bedroom pics:

master bedroom side (today i raised the fan up a foot, luckily we can leave it in its existing location:

the "hole" to the left of the framing is where the new pass-thru to the master bathroom will be.

here you can see the new single external door where the glass slider used to be.

here's the new end of the hallway, with the door to our master bedroom at the end, and the door to the new bedroom to the left.

still lots to do before the baby comes! John

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