Saturday, June 14, 2008

construction day 2

today i was supposed to leave for a backpacking trip with my buddies, but of course i came down with a sinus infection and bailed on the trip. so with nothing else to do, i continued work on the room.

today's run down:

  • finished blocking for sheetrock
  • quick trip to my friendly home depot
  • demo'd our bedroom door and short wall

  • removed bathroom door and framed up the opening

  • installed new door and reinstalled old bedroom door

  • started electrical

i went thru 4 band-aids which means it was a productive day. i can thank my dad for the thin skin on my hands...if he just stares a rose bush for too long he will start bleeding. so i take off my workgloves and there's blood all over my pinky...guess i caught it at some point but don't remember. it's all good. now i'll leave you with a few tips from today:

  1. you can never have too many shims when hanging doors
  2. wearing hearing protecting while using a nail gun is a good idea
  3. dont' forget to turn off the compressor when you go to bed (that one is from dude...he had a early awakening).

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