Monday, June 15, 2009

latest on JP's job

i thought i'd write a little about what's going on with my job, even thou most of you know the latest. i dunno, i thought maybe one day i'd want to read back and remember what was going on during this time, since this blog has basically turned into a picture diary of our lives.

the CA budget subcommittee approved the gas tax take-away from local governments for the next 2 years to help balance their state budget. now my understanding is that the state budget goes before the entire legislature for a vote, then to Schwarzenegger's desk for signing. this all has to be done shortly after July1 or the state runs out of money. so no biggie really.

sounds like the gas-tax raid passed the budget committee by a party-line vote, with dems supporting it and the republicans opposing it. not a good sign for how it might get voted on in the entire assembly and senate. and since it was originally Schwarzenegger's idea, it seems like it could actually pass. but there are still a couple weeks and really anything can happen.

for me, what does it mean? well if our county gas tax got raided, we'd have layoffs of significant number--around 40%. i would end up being laid off or demoted. the upside as that since this is the government, it will take 2.5 months to lay me off. yeah i laughed too.

so...that's the latest from out here in the land of idiots.

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