Thursday, September 11, 2008

update on contacting or visiting Terri and Inara

Terri and Inara have moved into room 363 at John Muir. You can call her direct at her hospital room at 925 296-7471. She welcomes visitors--just call ahead to let her know you're coming.

i feel compelled to write something about how incredible Terri was today. i was blown away by her composure through everything--not that i should be surprised, because she was calm and cool through Addie's birth also. today she also shared her birthing experience with our most excellent friends Ally and Leigh--and she insisted that Addie be allowed to come if she wanted (which she did), and this also amazes me...that she is comfortable sharing this moment in her life where she's perhaps at her most vulnerable. and through it all, she was her humorous self, enjoying every moment. Life is beautiful and so are you Terri, I love you.

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