Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Addie declares for...???

hi everyone, JP here: I always thought those people who put their kids in political clothes were some kind of freaks. but then this election rolls around, and Addie is 3, and i began thinking about it...i wonder if Addie was older, who would she vote for? I thought about the differences between the 2 candidates, and between the 2 political parties:
  1. i'm pretty sure that Addie thinks we should treat everyone equal--regardless of their color, place of origin, gender, or sexual orientation.
  2. i'm confident she thinks lying and using fear to get what you want--especially to start a war--is not the right thing to do.
  3. i'm flat out sure she would think a woman should have the final say in decisions that affect her body.
  4. knowing how much she likes to play outside, i know she'd insist we do a better job protecting our natural resources and being better stewards of our environment.
  5. i'm positive she'd think our nation's money would be better spent looking after the people here in our country who need decent, affordable health care, rather than spent on occupying a country that doesn't want us there anyway (see second point above).
  6. Addie knows--even at this young age--that the ends don't justify the means (see second point above again...or anything else that Bush has done).
After thinking thru these points and more, i realized that i can say with confidence that Addie is delcaring her support today for Barack Obama (plus she just loves saying his name).

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