Monday, August 01, 2005

First Day Alone w/ Addie

well, now that my mom is gone and JP is back at work...i had my first day alone with addie here at the house! it has gone beautifully - she's keeping to her schedule mostly, and only crying or wimpering when she's wet/full of pooh or hungry. she's eating about every 3 hours and for the past few nights, she's slept the first shift of 4-5 hours straight, then on to a 3.5-4 hour shift thereafter! this isn't so bad, unless she jinx me and has a bad night tonight! ha ha!

we had an outing at 2pm today to meet with Chuck, a retired police officer, to pick up a few items for a Tip A Cop to benefit Special Olympics. anyway....enjoying every minute of addie!

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